WB4QOJ Repeaters are OPEN repeaters that serve the Western Part of Metro Atlanta.
146.955 (-) 77hz tone is located in Dallas, Ga.
The 443.475 (+) 77hz tone is located in Rockmart, Georgia
Packet NODE 145.630 WB4QOJ-7​
We encourage SoundCard Digital transmissions through our Repeaters. We like FlDigi and any NBEMS modes that help with training in emergencies. PSK and MFSK are the best for message transfer.
The WB4QOJ Repeater Systems are located in Paulding County Georgia. Paulding County home to Dallas and Hiram VERY HISTORIC AREA from the 1860's.
        from Dallas, Hiram and Rockmart
            ECHO-LINK Enabled Node # 3026
WB4QOJ Repeater System
.sites I like
FLDigi www.w1hkj.com
Advanced Repeater Systems

AirLink Express http://www.airlinkexpress.org/
ARRL Georgia

WB4QOJ   VHF and UHF Repeater System
The NEW GE MASTER III on line 01/29/2006 146.955 (-) 77 hz. tone Dallas, Ga.
GE MASTER II on line 12/06/2003 443.475
(+) 77 hz. tone  Hiram, Ga.

WB4QOJ PACKET  Network105 145.57 mhz.

Using Packet Radio on VHF and HF can be a great way to link locally or across the country. I have been involved with "NetWork 105" on HF since the 1988. With cross-connect from HF to VHF and also from VHF to HF you can not only have keyboard operations, BUT also pass traffic and information.  Please join our Yahoo Group "NetWork 105". 14.105 mhz LSB and 145.57 mhz Dallas, Georgia.
Email: gadigital@yahoo.com
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